Soon You Can Manage Chronic Pain with the Help of a Device

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Oct 09, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Chronic pain can be relieved by blocking the pain signal at the spinal cord.
  • Effective against chest pain from angina, back pain, arm pain and cancer pain.
  • Has a certain coating which allows pain management available to more patients.
  • The device has been approved by FDA.

pain management deviceIf you are struggling with chronic pain, here is good news for you. A new device is just approved by the FDA that solves the problem. This device can go through an MRI machine, offering relief to more sufferers.

The management of chronic pain can be done by blocking the pain signal at the spinal cord, before it ever reaches the brain. The device helps do this with a small electric current. According to the inventors, device can be used to block chest pain from angina, back pain, arm pain, even pain from cancer.

But both the wire and the battery pack (which is inserted under the skin) are metal. That means the patient can no longer go through the powerful magnet of an MRI machine. Many patients with chronic pain have conditions that require period MRI scans, so this method of pain management was unavailable to them. The device comes with certain coating which allows this kind of pain management available to a new category of patients.



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