Development of a 4 months Old baby

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May 24, 2011

As babies grow quickly, their development can vary every week. At 4 months, babies go on to build the skills they have already developed a lot more. They also start interacting with people they can identify, starting with the parents. 4 months old baby’s development is variable and all babies of this age may not be able to master all the skills identically. As a parent, you should enjoy interacting with your child and not get overanxious about his normal growth.


Physical Growth


A 4 month old starts to balance his feet on his parents’ legs. He is also able to roll over from lying on his back to lying on the stomach and vice-versa. They can reach out to the toys like a stuffed bear and not merely hold. He is able to integrate his motor skills and perceptive abilities (such as vision, touch and hearing) to develop skills like rolling over, grasping and at times even crawling.




The 4 month old baby has started to move around quite a bit and his vision and language are much developed now. He is able to interact with you and his surroundings too. According to Babycenter, 4 months old baby’s development makes him acquire the basics of his mother tongue. The development of his binocular vision allows him to look fixatedly at objects. Thus, he is able to look at his parents and interact.


You can expect some very amusing antics from your baby after the 4th month of his development.

  • Baby can look at a moving object fixatedly.
  • The Baby is able to sit when propped up and stand when supported.
  • Baby is able to roll from stomach to side.
  • Apart from drooling, the baby also blows bubbles.

The baby is able to make incoherent sounds like "oh" and "ah".

  • The four-month-old baby laughs when tickled.
  • The baby amuses himself and you as well with his hands, rattles or other toys.

It would not be right to judge your baby’s development by comparing his developmental milestones with this list. The development of a 4 months old baby is relative to his own individual personality. According to Sears, author of “The Baby Book”, the developmental milestone should not be judged too much on the basis of the baby’s age. The progression of the milestones is far more important and not so much the age.


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