Baby Development in the Fifth Month

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Apr 12, 2011

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Five months old babyWhen your baby reaches his 5th month, he/she has already undergone a lot of changes. Their vision is much developed, babbling has increased, and muscles have started to show up. Baby development in the fifth month is all about the child mastering the already developed physical and motor skills along with becoming more active and energetic. As the baby will try to master his skills, some games and activities that aid in that help him in achieving it quicker.

Baby Development in the Fifth Month:  Mastered Skills

  • A 5 month old baby’s can distinguish between bold primary and secondary colours.   
  • He plays with his toes and fingers.
  • His strength is developed and he is able to play with toys deliberately, grab objects, crumple paper and splash water for fun.
  • He finds cuddling, bath and dressing enjoyable.


Baby Development in the Fifth Month:  Emerging Skills

Some emerging skills in the fifth month of baby development may not be identical for all. Parents tend to get too anxious about their child. It is only when the development is too skewed with regards to normal patterns that you need to get paediatric help. Some emerging skills of baby development in the fifth month which you normally observe are given below.


  • The baby recognizes his name and new sounds make him turn.
  • He can roll in both directions.
  • By the end of 5th month, he is expert at rolling and succeeds in pushing himself up on hands and knees.
  • He is able to sit without support, can stand up with your help.
  • He is interested in shiny, noisy toys, and is able to establish cause and effect. In other words, he can understand which button produces which effect.


Baby Development in the Fifth Month:  Encouraging Development

To encourage the development of a baby in the 5th month, the parents should:-


  • Give the child toys he can beat around , suck or chew. These toys should have a texture and make noise.
  • For development of the baby’s eye hand coordination and perception, stacking toys are the best.
  • It is important to make the trust you to return to end the separation anxiety. Peek-a-boo games and affirming that you will be back every time you leave can help you.
  • Always sit facing him to allow him to look at your lips while you speak. The baby will try to copy your lip movements for making sounds. Parents should talk to their 5-month-olds in simple sentences to help them imitate easily.



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