Dermatographia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Dermatographia is a skin condition which is also known as 'skin writing'. Here are its symptoms, causes and treatment.

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Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Sep 22, 2021 17:01 IST
Dermatographia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

We hear about more and more cases of skin infections everyday. While certain diseases have very few symptoms that might sometimes go unnoticed.  Dermatographia is a skin disease in which any minor irritation on the skin can cause an allergic reaction. These reactions are usually very mild, with symptoms such as redness, itching and a scratch like appearance but they can be worse at times. It is a rare disease and is mostly resolved on its own. Though the symptoms of this disease are short-lived, there is no specific treatment for this disease. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Dr. Rashmi Ravindra, Consultant - Dermatology & Cosmetology, Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, about the symptoms, causes and treatment for dermatographia.

Dermatographia symptoms

People suffering from this this disease would experience the symptoms only when their skin strikes off against a rough surface. These symptoms usually subside shortly. Sometimes, these scratches look like raised marks on your skin, hence this disease is also called 'skin writing'. It is noticed that a person faces more symptoms if he is in elevated temperatures like sauna, hot tubs etc. Symptoms also worsen if the patient's skin is dry and dehydrated. According to Dr. Rashmi, here are the main symptoms of dermatographia:

1. Swelling


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Swelling is also a very common symptom of dermatographia. It might be in a form of writing wherever the skin is scratched. Swelling is temporary but it can be triggered each time there is any aggression on your skin. You must avoid scratching your body.

2. Redness

Another reaction to this disease is that your skin starts to appear red. The redness and irritation can increase if there is an urge to scratch. Redness usually calms down slowly but you must not agitate the area.

3. Wounds

In some cases, there can be a major allergic reaction leading to wounds on the skin. It can be very painful as well. Symptoms of this skin disease advance slowly so you must pay attention in the early stages.

Dermatographia causes

Causes of dermatographia are not very well known as of now, but there are physiological as well as psychological factors. Excessive stress and irritability has been linked with such allergic reactions on the skin. People who have a history of other allergies in body are also more prone to this disease. Lifestyle can also be responsible for allergic reactions in the body. Prolonged sweat heat and aggression can make your skin more sensitive. In some cases, certain medications are also responsible to trigger allergies like dermatographia.


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Dermatographia treatment

There is no specific cure for this ailment but it can be temporarily handled using anti histamines to suppress the reaction. And, you can also try cold compression as a home remedy as it can help in providing relief with many symptoms of dermatographia. Usually this disease is cured on its own but there are certain preventive measures that you can adopt certain preventive measures.

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