Dengue Struck Indian Cyclists Admitted to Hospital

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Jan 20, 2013

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DengueThe Indian cycling team has suffered a big blow after two of its core group cyclists, Vinod Malik and Somvir contracted dengue. To make the matters worse, it was earlier this month the Cycling Federation of India (CFI) confirmed that Helen Mary, a cyclist in the Indian cycling contingent too was down with dengue.

and Vinod were treated at Jessa Ram Hospital at Karol Bagh. To add to the woes, the cycling team had no doctors and the Sports Authority of India had to arrange for a doctor. It certainly became a matter of uninvited embarrassment because the two cyclists who fell prey to dengue were the top performers in the trials held in August in Delhi and Patiala. The good news, however, is that they have now completely recovered and are a part of training sessions in Patiala.

Dr Lona Mohopatra, Pathologist at Rockland Hospital says, “It is quite sad that the two cyclists contracted dengue; an uncalled for setback for the cycling team. But, irrespective of whether it is a player or a commoner, if one makes a distinction, dengue still will affect a human in quite a similar manner. Players too can take the same precautions i.e. wear full sleeved clothes, apply insect repellents and sleep under mosquito nets if required. NS1 antigen is a test which is the earliest indicator of dengue.”

Dengue mosquitoTalking about how the Indian coach expressed his concern for hygiene, Dr Mohopatra adds, “Yes, hygiene is a major concern. But, it becomes an individual’s responsibility to keep the surroundings clean and avoid places which could be mosquito breeding sites. So, stay informed and report typical symptoms like fever that lasts for 2-3 days accompanied by rashes on any part of the skin, severe weakness due to fever, bleeding from any site of the body and vomiting.”

“Although dengue fever took an epidemic turn but comparatively this year the mortality rate is much lower than previous year. Reason being that people are immediately reporting to the doctors and getting blood tests done.” concludes Dr Mohopatra.

Hope that we steer clear through remaining monsoons and being the host country for both the home and international players deliver the best.



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