Correlation between Asthma and Humidity

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Aug 22, 2012

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Correlation between Asthma and Humidity

Asthmatics and their caregivers should be wary of humidity, as well as with cold air as such environmental conditions are known to trigger asthma. Studies have revealed that with humidity, the chances of aggravation of asthma rises by 50 per cent or more. The research on the correlation between asthma and humidity is important from the point of view of treatment as earlier, doctors used to actually recommend taking steam for treating asthma complications.

Why humidity is bad for asthma?

The research on the relation between asthma and humidity has conclusively established that the condition can be worsened due to it, but the exact reason for this has not been explained. The theories with regards to this question are:

  • As humid air is heavier, it becomes harder for asthmatics to breathe it.
  • The various microorganisms found in humid air such as moulds, fungus and dust particles are known allergens that trigger asthma.

That is why changes in weather have often been found to trigger asthma. Some other circumstances that can change the humidity level unfavourably leading to an asthma attack are:

  • Exercise – Asthma can be induced by exercise as it can lead to extremes of humidity. The level of humidity should be balanced in order to avoid asthma. So, when you inhale through the mouth, which is always possible when exercising, the contrast between the dry inhaled air and the moist air in your lungs can trigger asthma. Thus, asthmatics should make sure that they always inhale normally, through their nose.
  • Mould – With increase of humidity in your house, the growth of mould is encouraged. If you use a humidifier, it may result in triggering your asthma. The effect of the humidifier is such that it also distributes the mould to all parts of your house, thus, increasing the chances of triggering asthma.
  • Dust mites – The humid and warm conditions found inside your house can become a hotbed for dust mites which are the most common asthma trigger. Thus, you must ensure that the inside of your house is free from these particles. Steam cleaning your carpets or use of humidifiers can increase the survival chances of dust mites.


As asthma is bound to change with weather changes and other factors, it would be prudent to take care of yourself or the patient you nursing with due care. It would be wise to stay abreast of the possible weather changes by regularly tuning in to weather updates. Besides, always be conscious and actually wary of the factors mentioned above that can work as asthma triggers.


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