Control Your Desire for Food for Weight Loss

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Apr 19, 2018
Quick Bites

  • Keep healthy snacks such as nuts with you at all time
  • Drink as much water as you can
  • Eat a protein based breakfast
  • Be concious of sugar, sweets and chocolates

If losing weight is one of the topmost priorities in your life right now, this can present a difficult situation. Starting a weight loss diet would mean being on a restrictive diet.

Control Your Desire for Food for Weight Loss

Weight loss is known to increase the motivation to eat healthy. You can eat and still lose weight, but control your craving for your own good. You need to be specific of the comprehension of calorie intake restriction and often the quantity of consumed food. 

Here is how you can really control your desire for food when trying to lose weight.

Control Emotional Eating

A little distinction is necessary here between physical need for eating food, i.e. your body has run out of fuel and it needs the food to replenish; and emotional eating, i.e. when you eat to celebrate or forget unfavourable circumstances. You need to be very vigilant of your emotions in order to exercise restraint on emotional eating, and take to healthy eating. Ask yourself whether you really need food or a glass of water to dispel your negative state of mind. Keeping a diary for managing calories intake works too. Most importantly, you should ask yourself about which emotion tempts you towards which food, in order to control the urge.

Sugar Craving

If you are used to having a lot of sugar, it would be difficult to alter your body’s mechanism all of a sudden. If your body is geared to process a lot of sugar, i.e. carbohydrates, it would be difficult to sustain a low carbohydrate diet. It would take close to 2 weeks to shift from one type of diet to another. So, be conscious of it.

Be Prepared and Persevere

If only this was as easy as saying it, but if you are aware of what to expect, it can be a lot easier. It would give you the opportunity to be prepared for it and if more prepared, the likelihood of dealing with it adequately is much better.

Eat a Protein Based Breakfast

It will make you feel full for longer and it will help break the sugar – insulin cycle. Cereal is a very common breakfast and high in sugars. If you have a bowl of carbs (simple most of the time) you are setting yourself in for the sugar crave from the beginning of the day.

If you stick to these, you will be able to handle your desire for food better.

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