Control Blood Sugar to Prevent Diabetes

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Apr 21, 2012

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Control Blood Sugar to Prevent Diabetes

Our body is not meant to process the amount of calories and carbohydrates from sugar we generally consume. High level of blood glucose is the major cause of several diseases including diabetes. In order to control blood sugar to prevent diabetes, you need to take the essential steps for dietary and nutritional changes today. This would prevent the condition from developing in you and help you improve your natural lifespan.

People with diabetes need to be conscious about having proper day to day care in order to keep blood glucose levels from rising beyond normal levels. This would include:

  • Healthy eating.
  • Physical activity.
  • Blood glucose testing.

Many type 2 diabetics need either pills or insulin, but some need both for managing their blood glucose levels. Diabetics should keep in touch with their health care provider to monitor their blood sugar and get proper medical advice on managing their diabetes condition. But first, they should bear the following in their mind:

  • Diabetes is a serious disease yet controllable!
  • Learn more about the disease -what you need to do to control diabetes.
  • Be physically active daily, whether by walking, dancing or any other acitivity.
  • Learn about the food that keeps your blood sugar in control. A professional dietitian can guide you in preparing the ideal meal plan for your condition.
  • Make healthy food choices such as picking foods with less fat and low salt, and those with more fibre i.e. fruits and vegetables.
  • Visit your doctor regularly to monitor your condition.


How to prevent diabetes by regulating blood sugar


  • Be more physically active. Some tips for this are - not using the elevator and taking the stairs, park your car away so that you need to walk, play with your children or grand children, go on house cleaning spree, take to painting of walls, take a liking to dancing and enjoy those shakes and moves. Nothing beats having fun while controlling your blood sugar.
  • Apart from fruits and vegetables, your diet should contain beans and whole grains. These help to keep the blood sugar under check.
  • Make a habit of buying a new fruit every time you go shopping for your grocery stock.
  • Have more water as it has a lot of health benefits including keeping your blood sugar under check.
  • Go through the food labels carefully. Choose the foods that have less fat, calories and salt content. These are known to increase blood sugar, so you need to avoid them.
  • You can eat anything you want. Just limit the portion sizes of high fat and high-carb food.
  • Keep your food portions smaller than your palm.

You can also take to planned diet such as the Mediterranean diet that is known to bring down the blood sugar due to the high nutrient content of its ingredients.


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