10 Common Fears of Giving Childbirth

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Aug 17, 2011

Pregnant womanGiving birth to a child is one of the most cherished desires of a woman but it is natural that some anxieties and complications crop up during pregnancy. These are related to the delivery and the mishaps may occur. You can go through the kinds of fears and anxieties women are inclined to go through to prepare yourself better to face the situation.


Common Childbirth Fears of Women

  1. Labour Pain – Many first time mothers are afraid of coping with the labour pain. They keep wondering about how unbearable it might be and this makes them anxious. Similarly, expecting mothers who have had a painful first delivery get worried about experiencing the same all over again. You can talk to other mothers, your doctor or anyone who can share their story to help you. Moreover, there are plenty of medications available that help to relieve labour pain.
  2. Prolonged Labour – Women often mull over the horror stories of being in labour for days and face lot of problems. The labour usually lasts 18 hours and at most 20 hours. In case your labour is not progressing normally, doctor can give you the right treatment for it.
  3. Fear of not reaching the hospital on time after labour pain – If you happen to be in a situation wherein sudden urge to push the baby out is felt without the preceding contractions or labour pains. American College of Nurse-Midwives’ document can be used in such situations. It is a guide to prepare oneself for a situation of emergency delivery.
  4. Wrong Epidural Injection – The impact of a wrong epidural injection is permanent paralysis. The risk is very minimal but it can play on your mind. But the anaesthetists who administer the epidural are highly trained and almost never go wrong.
  5. Losing Control during Labour – Women worry about peeing on the delivery table, cursing senselessly or not being able to control body functions after labour pain starts. The trained medical experts are adept in dealing with all such situations.
  6. C-Section – The thought of having a C-section can make you very anxious. You need to stick to the health plan recommended by your doctor to have the best chances of a normal delivery.
  7. Fear of Tearing – The fear of tearing the perineal muscles is a concern with some women. You need to perform Kegel exercises to keep the area supple and pliable during pregnancy.
  8. Episiotomy – This procedure was in practice twenty years ago to prevent tearing during labour. Gynaecologists have found this method to be unnecessary since. So, this will not be performed on you.
  9. Fearing for the baby’s health – Do not forget the regular visits to your gynaecologist and his advice even once if you want to ensure good health of your baby.
  10. Dying during Pregnancy – The risk of this happening is very low. About 13.3 deaths were reported 100 thousand births in USA. You can ease your mind by taking childbirth classes or talk to your obstetrician about it.


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