Coloured crystals enhance Chakras for well being

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Sep 17, 2010

There are seven Chakras or energy points in the human body. In crystal healing, crystals of the required colours are used to enhance the energy level of the Chakra.This is the sequence followed in the traditional Hindu yoga.

Muladhar (Root centre)


This Chakra is at the root of the spinal cord, near the coccyx. This gives vitality to the body. It energizes all the organs in the body. The Chakra relates to groundedness, family identity, and bonding. The crystals related to this Chakra are, red jasper, pyrite, garnate, ruby.

Swadhishthan (Spleen centre)


This Chakra is between the navel and the root Chakra. This radiates a bright orange aura. It purifies the mind. It also relates to creativity, survival instincts and sexuality.The crystals related to this Chakra are carnelion, coral and orange agates.

Manipur  (Solar Plexus centre)


This Chakra is situated on the backbone, exactly behind the umbilicus.The colour is yellow. When the energy here is pure, you tend to be ambitious.Your inner mind is strong , and you have positive thoughts.The Chakra also relates to self respect and ethics. The crystals related to this Chakra are yellow sapphire, topaz, and tiger eye.

Anahat (Heart centre)

This Chakra is on the backbone behind the heart. This Chakra has a green colour energy.A free flow of energy here, inspires love, compassion, intelligence, and prosperity.This is important for a happy satisfactory life.The crystals related to this Chakra are emerald, jade, baryll, green aventurian.

Vishuddha (Throat centre)



This Chakra is related to the thyroid gland. This Chakra is located on the backbone behind the throat. This Chakra has an electric blue energy.This energy helps remove old chronic ailments and to rejuvenate with pure energy. It also relates to choice, faith and personal authority. The crystals related to this are- Lapis lazuli, blue sapphire, aquamarine.


Adnya (Brow centre)


This is situated behind the head opposite the forehead. Its energy is sky blue. This energy enhances our mind and emotional realm. It relates to wisdom, intellectual skills and inspiration. Crystals related to this Chakra are light blue sapphire, aquamarine & blue topaz.

Sahastrar (Crown centre)


This Chakra lies at the top of the head. The colour is violet. The vital energy has its prime location here. The silver thread of life is connected here at one end and the other to the ethereal body. It relates to inner divinity and inner guidance. Each Chakra is controlled by this Chakra. The crystals related to this Chakra are amethyst and amber


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