Colon Hydrotherapy Process

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Jun 28, 2012
Quick Bites

  • The process involves only water and no chemicals.
  • It can be done as an outpatient procedure.
  • A person mat take repeated session of the therapy.
  • It can be very effective with no side effects.

Colon hydrotherapy is a process that involves safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon through the rectum. The process doesn’t involve any chemicals or drugs and therefore it is relaxing and effective. The colon also known as the large intestine is a hollow tube-like organ made up of a muscle structure that moves toxic materials out of the body with the peristalsis motion.


Preparation and Cleansing

Use of laxatives over an extended period of time can weaken these colon muscles, creating dependency. When a person is constipated, the walls of the colon are generally packed or lined with accumulated feces. This causes extended periods of intestinal overloading by failure to respond to the immediate call of nature.

In this condition, the colon can neither absorb nor eliminate properly. Polluted blood from this system is picked up by the liver and circulates through every part of the body, reaching every cell. To properly clean the body tissue, it is required to thoroughly cleanse the bowel. Colon hydrotherapy is a simple and effective to cleanse the colon.

During therapy the client lies on a custom treatment table in complete comfort. From the colon hydrotherapy instrument a small disposable speculum is gently inserted into the rectum through which warm filtered water passes into the colon.

These are closed systems allowing waste to be discretely transported into the drain line without offensive odor and without comprising the dignity of the individual. After each therapy session, the unit is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected in preparation for future use.


How it works

The hydro-therapist may use several fills and releases of water, as well as light massage techniques permitted by the client, to dislodge toxic waste matter adhered to the walls of the colon. The dislodged fecal impactions are then gently washed away though the system's waste disposal tube. During the therapy, water temperature and pressure will be monitored by the colon therapist and can be varied to stimulate peristalsis in the colon. This is very important to help the atonic colon.

Each colon hydrotherapy session lasts approximately 45 minutes and one should allow at least one hour per office visit. Initially, a series of at least three separate therapy sessions may be recommended, to achieve the maximum cleansing benefit. This helps to eliminate fecal matter which may have been lodged in the colon for weeks, months, or even years, and to keep the client properly hydrated.


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