Chronic Kidney Disease: Here's Why Is It Known As A Silent Killer

Chronic Kidney Disease: Here Is All About The Stages, Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Mar 20, 2020Updated at: Mar 20, 2020
Chronic Kidney Disease: Here's Why Is It Known As A Silent Killer

The kidney is one of the most vital organs of our body but when we ignore its critical role for healthy life problems start surfacing. A progressive loss in kidney function over months or years results in Chronic kidney disease (CKD). Early detection and timely treatment can help in curing the disease. The CKD is also known as a silent killer. The CKD starts when nephrons are damaged as kidneys carry a million tiny filters known as nephrons. Following damages, the kidney’s function is badly affected. Over some time, they stop functioning and that directly hit our health. Damaged nephrons cannot filter blood properly, hence the entire body system gets affected. CKD has emerged as a critical non-communicable disease in India. Higher prevalence of hypertension and diabetes is the main reason for the rapidly increasing incidence of CKD.

How To Keep Your Kidney Healthy?

Dr Shailesh Kakde, MBBS, DNB, DM(Nephrology), FASNHoD- Nephrology, Jupiter Hospital, Pune, shares that, "every year observe World Kidney Day on March 12 to spread awareness on kidney diseases and the advancement of treatment. This year also focus was on the rising burden of the disease globally. The main objective was to strive for kidney health for everyone, everywhere."

Dr Shailesh Kakde says that "it is widely admitted that there is an urgent need to create awareness on primary prevention and that requires an immediate focus on modification of lifestyle to reduce the risks factors. Diabetes and hypertension are the risk factors which need to be reduced. Moreover, unhealthy diets, consumption of alcohol, structural abnormalities of the kidney also contribute to the damage of kidney."

chronic kidney disease

Risk factors

  • High blood Pressure
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • Obesity and Overweight


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Recommendations to keep your kidney healthy

If you go through the above factors and find one or more of these criteria apply to you, it is time to consult an expert.

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  • Avoid smoking - As Smoking slows the flow of blood to the kidneys one should not smoke. Smoking increases the risk of kidney cancer by about 50 per cent.
  • Appropriate fluid intake – Normal intake means 8 cups, approximately 2 litres per day for a healthy person in a comfortable climate condition.
  • Don’t take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory or pain-killer pills regularly - Common drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) or different pain-killer can harm the kidneys if taken regularly.
  • One should check and control your blood sugar regularly
  • Checking and control your blood pressure is also vital

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