Chocolates can help you beat Persistent Cough

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Dec 10, 2012

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Chocolates can help you beat Persistent Cough


Now you have more reasons it eat delightful chocolates. It is because a recent study has found that chocolate can provide you relief from frequent bouts of cough. The research found that cocoa contains a compound called theobromine, which is capable of reducing and improving symptoms of chronic and acute cough.


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Presently, about 300 people suffering from persistent cough have participated in a clinical trial conducted in 13 National Health Service Hospitals, U.K. The patients are being given two doses of theobromine in a day. It is a naturally occurring chemical which is derived from cocoa. Early reports have indicated that symptoms of persistent cough have been improved in almost 60 per cent of patients.

Researchers have said that eating a bar of dark chocolate would give you enough amount of the theobromine to improve your condition but cough can return after completing the treatment course.


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