Children of Long-lived Parents at Lower Cancer Risk

By  , ANI
Jun 03, 2013

Father and Son Enjoying TogetherChildren, whose parents live a long life, are likely to live longer. According to a recent study, these kids are less prone to common diseases like cancer that are associated with ageing. An international collaboration has been held by the experts at University of Exeter Medical School, in which it was discovered that people, who had a long-lived mother or father were 24 percent less likely to get cancer.

To prove this, the scientists compared the children of long-lived parents with the children, whose parents survived to average ages. They have also classified long-lived mothers as those, who survived past 91 years old, and compared them to those who reached average age spans of 77 to 91. Long-lived fathers who lived past 87 years old, compared with the average of 65 to 87 years.

The scientists also noted that overall mortality rates dropped by almost 19 per cent for each decade that at least one of the parents lived past the age of 65. For those people, whose mothers lived beyond 85, mortality rates were 40 per cent lower. The figure was a little lower (14 per cent) for fathers, possibly because of adverse lifestyle factors such as smoking or drinking.

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