9 Out of 10 Suffering from Nomophobia

The fear of not having a mobile phone hits record numbers.

LatestWritten by: PTIPublished at: Jun 03, 2013
9 Out of 10 Suffering from Nomophobia

Rise of nomophobiaA survey by Telecom giant Cisco suggests that nine out of every 10 people aged below 30 have the new age phenomenon of "nomophobia", the fear of having no mobile phone. In a survey conducted on 3800 people in Australia, surveyors found nine out of 10 in the group aged under 30 were addicted to their smartphones and became anxious when their phone went missing.

Cisco chief technology officer Kevin Bloch, said, “For many under-30s, the smartphone has become an extension of themselves, from the moment they wake up until the second they fall asleep. It's happening subconsciously, and one out of five people are texting while they're driving. It just speaks to these addictive, compulsive, behaviours that we're seeing."

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, official adviser to the Queensland Government on computer safety, said that this love affair with the smartphones is both enabling and crippling at the same time. He added that these people check for texts, emails and social media at least once every 10 minutes. That's checking the phone 96 times a day, assuming eight hours' sleep.



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