Cheating Myths: Do Men Really Cheat More?

It is a common belief that men cheat more than women. But is it really true? Apparently not! Find here some popular myths about cheating, debunked.


Ariba Khaliq
DatingWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Jun 29, 2011
Cheating Myths: Do Men Really Cheat More?

The fabric of love, so carefully crafted on the threads of faith, is a very sensitive one. And for it to remain beautiful and preserved, it requires that the trust and faith that the relationship is based on be cared for and nurtured. But more often than we care to acknowledge, one or the other partner can do something to break that trust. Cheat. There are endless things that have been said about cheating. There are many beliefs that underlie these analyses. But there are some myths about cheating that are begging to be busted. Enter us.

Cheating Men

Do Men Really Cheat more than Women?

Nope. False! There is nothing to prove that it is men who cheat more than women. Women cheat just as much as men and increasingly, for the same reasons. Straying outside the relationship can be exciting. It is new, exciting, surreptitious, and consequently very attractive. And women fall for it just as much as men. Sometimes, women cheat to “punish” their partners for being unappreciative of their efforts, or because they feel neglected; and seek that fulfilment in someone else. Men, of course, are known to cheat for far less than that, but it is extremely unfair to brand women as somehow cheat proof.

Is Cheating without Sex not Cheating?

Another widely prevalent cheating myth is that it is not cheating if there is no sex. Do not fool yourself. Emotional cheating can be much worse than sexual cheating. It has the capacity to wreak the very foundations of your relationship. Nothing is worse than feeling as though you have not been able to satisfy the emotional needs of your partner. And that is what you subject your partner to when you cheat on them emotionally. Emotional cheating can begin as a casual office friendship and before you know it become a full fledged affair, even if there is no sex involved. The only way to guard against it to share your “friendships” with your partner to make them feel more secure. And through their reactions understand whether they construe your “friendship” as cheating.

Unhappiness at Home as a Reason to Cheat

The third big cheating myth is that people cheat because they are unhappy at home. An online poll found that over 55% of men who cheat say that they have perfectly happy homes and relationships. The figure for women was closer to 35%. But the truth remains that cheating is not necessarily spurred by unhappy homes. Men, it seems to be the consensus, would jump at the idea of getting some on the side if they were confident they could get away with it.

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