Causes of Weight Gain After 50

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Jul 04, 2011

After a certain age, keeping a check on one’s weight can be tedious. Compromising in terms of eating habits and adjusting to physical changes do not leave too many alternatives for a human who is turning 50. Moreover, men and women, according to proven researches have shown different symptoms and variations in terms of weight-gain. Let us discuss the problem of obesity in women.


Weight-Gain in Women


While understanding the causes of weight gain in women post fifty years of age, one must bring into focus the changes in physical traits in women as well. This is when women reach their menopause or are still in their premenopausal stage. Occasional spotting or even meagre chances of women ovulating at this stage make their body unpredictable to a considerable extent. Therefore, women during the age of fifty are more susceptible to weight fluctuations.


Stress or depression is another cause that can destabilise the weight of women. This is why the dietary pattern followed widely by women should be monitored and regulated in terms of serving sizes and meal-timings. The best way is to consult a healthcare practitioner and follow a more controlled diet along with exercising.


Weight-Gain in Men


Though not very distinct from women, in terms of putting on weight, men are more prone to immediate lifestyle disorders and irregularities than women! Lifestyle conditions such as frequent vacations and unprecedented consumption of nicotine can drastically affect health patterns. This often leads to loss of sleep or reduced appetite due to which men post-fifty are not able to achieve a balanced weight.


Apart from that, certain causes of weight gain are common to both men and women. Read on to understand what they are!

  • Diabetes: Post-menopausal women and men reaching the age of fifty are more prone o diabetes and irregular insulin-levels produced by the pancreas in the body. This is because the hormone production decreases in the body reducing the resistance and immunity level to a great extent. Women at this stage, become prone to osteoporosis and men become more susceptible to aging, inflammation in the bones and water retention in the body, along with fluctuating weight
  • Food allergies: All human beings experience low immunity levels in their mid ages. This is why people from both the genders experience the maximum number of heart attacks during the winters. The heart is more prone to spasms and easy blockage of arteries. Weight gain in such situations is unavoidable as people rely, more often than not, on low-calorie foods or tinned foods. One must understand that irregularities in weight cannot be solved overnight. It is a planned process!


Therefore, at the age of fifty, simply curbing the dietary patterns will not be always helpful in all cases because of different body-types. Let us pledge to fight obesity the right way!


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