Increasing Cases Of Stomach Pain In Winters, Potential Causes

A lot of people experience stomach pain in winters. Here are some reasons why.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 25, 2022 14:19 IST
Increasing Cases Of Stomach Pain In Winters, Potential Causes

The stomach is the most troublesome part of the human body. It can be the trigger point for many illnesses, and so you need to take your digestive and intestinal health seriously. Congesting the wrong things can get extremely painful. However, there are many other triggers apart from diet that could be causing cramps and other discomfort in your stomach. 

Specifically in winters, our digestive system is stronger  compared to other seasons. But our appetite tends to increase in winters, leading to an increased consumption of spices that may trouble our digestion system. Upon researching, we came across some possible causes of stomach cramps in the winter season that are shared here.

As temperatures dip, our immunity also reduces, increasing the risk of illnesses and infections. In this case, stomach infection, cramps, diarrhoea, and vomiting become very common health issues. Eating uncooked food can also cause infectious digestive issues in some people.

Besides, those with chronic stomach issues must take utmost care of their diet and watch out for the symptoms to prevent their relapse.

Stomach pain due to indigestion

One of the common causes of pain in the stomach is indigestion. While our stomach does a great job to digest everything we eat, it can sometimes fail when you overload it with unhealthy meals. If you experience bloating, nausea, and heartburn along with stomach pain, it could be due to indigestion. Here are some scenarios that may cause indigestion:

Overeating - Do not get overwhelmed with tasty food and try to maintain  portion sizes. Ideally, we should eat only half as much as our hunger. While this might make you feel hungry, it might be better for your body and digestion.

Eating less fibre - Fibre is extremely important for our stomach as it boosts digestion and keeps digestive problems like gas, bloating and cramping at bay.

causes of stomach Pain in Winters

Sugar overdose - You are highly likely to experience stomach pain if you eat excessive sugary foods. Sugar interrupts digestion and may cause gas.

Consumption of alcohol - A lot of people, especially those living in colder areas tend to consume more alcohol to fight cold but this could impact your digestive functions leading to cramping.

Eating right before bedtime - Your system requires ample time to digest the food. If you eat and go to sleep immediately, it might not go down well with your stomach and it may suffer cramping. Have your last meal at least two meals before bedtime.

Illnesses that cause stomach pain

There are certain illness that may be causing pain in your stomach during winters:

Stomach flu - Medically known as viral gastroenteritis, this is caused due to inflammation triggered by norovirus or rotavirus. This is a contagious condition that causes acute stomach pain, diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea.

stomach Pain in Winters

Food poisoning - We feel more hungry in winters and get tempted by hot and spicy foods. If your stomach is sensitive, you might suffer from food poisoning after consuming something unhygienic. Such as something cooked in used oil, made with low-quality ingredients like unfiltered water, to name but a few. Besides, eating undercooked foods and unpasteurised dairy products can also cause food poisoning.

Increased cases of stomach pain in winters can be attributed to numerous factors. It is very important that we keep a check on our diet and lifestyle to avert this risk. Have only fresh and warm foods from hygienic places only.

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