Myth Debunked: Shaving does not Cause Hair to Grow Back Thicker

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Dec 05, 2011

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Most people believe that shaving causes the hair to grow back thicker. In fact some people shave their head hoping that it will act as a remedy for baldness. The truth is that there are only some cosmetic changes that occur in your hair when they regrow after shaving. Other than that, it is simply a myth to believe that shaving will make you grow back thicker and darker hair.


Shaving Make your Hair Grow Back ThickerWhat actually happens?

Shaving your facial or body hair gives a blunt tip to your hair. This would feel like stubble as it grows back. The reason for it appearing thicker and darker is just that it is the property of the hair to taper. When the hair reaches the same length, it would have the same characteristics.

Columbia University Health Services have pointed out another fact which must be considered when deciding about features of your hair after shaving. The newly grown hair appears thicker because as yet it has not been subjected to the effects of sun, pollution, chemicals found in styling gels and heat.

Hair follicles do not produce hair of different lengths. The hair follicles cannot differentiate between cutting of hair and the normal process of falling. Whatever was the length and other characteristics of your hair, be it shoulder-length, baby-fine or akin peach fuzz, the hair follicle would produce similar hair. This explanation was provided by Duke University Library Answers Person.

So, while it is a myth that shaving produces thicker and darker hairs, it can produce bristly stubble which women may or may not like. So, if you feel that is the way to go shave as you like. If you want to avoid the thickened stubble, the following method can help you in preventing it:

  • Use a sharp razor which is clean. Replace it as soon as it becomes blunt. This would depend on your frequency of shaving. If you find rusting, the razor must be replaced immediately.
  • Use a gel or cream for moisturising and lubricating the hair for a clean shave.
  • In order to remove dead skin cells which can clog the razor and prevent clean shave, exfoliate gently between two shaves.
  • Moisturise with a lotion after removing your lather. This would keep the skin soft and smooth.


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