Can Drinking Beer Help Get Rid Of Kidney Stones?

Can drinking beer really remove stones from the kidneys? Still have a dilemma about this? Let us uncover the secrets behind it.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Oct 04, 2019
Can Drinking Beer Help Get Rid Of Kidney Stones?

The problem of kidney stones has become very common nowadays and the number of its patients is constantly increasing. Kidney stone pain is so unbearable that it can make anyone's condition worse. It is often recommended to drink beer to remove the kidney stone. However, some people also tend to get kidney stones frequently and therefore it's pain (which is unbearable) causes restlessness. Let us learn, how drinking beer removes stones from the kidney?

Does everyone have a dilemma about whether drinking beer removes stones and gives relief? Probably many people would be confused about this! If you want to know about this in detail read our article. But before that one must know the cause behind kidney stone.

Causes of kidney stone

Stone's problem invites many more problems along with suffering. This is the result of our unhealthy food and sometimes drinking habits. The main reason for getting stone is the presence of a high amount of calcium in the body. When salt and other minerals come in contact with each other, the stone is formed, (which is often known as kidney stone). Therefore, kidney stones are made up of calcium, oxalate and calcium phosphate.

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Is beer the correct treatment for kidney stones?

Although there is no treatment to eliminate the stones, however, some small stones can be removed with some home remedies. For this, it is advisable to drink as much fluid as possible. But for large size stones, the operation/surgery is recommended.

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Some studies claim that by drinking beer regularly (in correct quantity) of beer, stones can be removed. But does it happen? In this regard, we consulted Dr. Shikha Sharma of Nutri Health, who said, "Drinking beer removes stones, but keep in mind that beer should be made from barley and only small size stones are released from its consumption."

She says that drinking beer causes diuresis, which increases the secretion of urine. However, this puts pressure on the kidney and stones to come out along with urine. Therefore, its regular intake is beneficial for removing small size stones. So if you are suffering from kidney stones then consume beer made from barley.

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