Can Belly Dancing Help you Lose Weight?

Belly dancing is a fun activity that aid weight loss. This article brings to you details on how belly dancing help to get rid of those extra calories.

Pratima Sharma
Weight ManagementWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Feb 22, 2018
Can Belly Dancing Help you Lose Weight?

All those pursuing belly dancing classes on a regular basis have a single common question to ask: Can belly dance aid weight loss? There could be two reasons behind investing time and money in a belly dancing class. First, you are truly passionate about the dance form. Second, you are looking forward to a fun activity to burn those extra pounds. If it’s the latter, there are some essential proven facts you need to know about the correlation between belly dancing and weight loss to get your expectations right.

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Can Belly Dance Aid Weight Loss?

If you know someone who is a seasoned belly dancer and has been in regular practice for a considerable period of time, you might have noticed a fluctuation in their weight loss patterns. Clearly, there is no fixed trend that can be established. The following factors would help in understanding the trend better:

  • Belly dancing is nothing but a form of exercise. A normal session can help in burning up to 300 calories. Therefore, those who practice it regularly can easily lose belly fat over a period of time. Classes alone may not be enough; you would have to indulge in regular practice for a designated period of time. For instance, if you attend classes once a week and be a couch potato for the next 6 days, there are chances that you would end up gaining more weight than losing
  • The type of sessions would also determine if belly dancing can actually help you lose weight. For example, some sessions would include non-aerobic exercises and slow hip movements as warm-up exercises. Others would indulge in a rapid aerobic activity that keeps your heart rate higher for an extended period of time. The latter would naturally help in burning more calories. In fact, if the sessions are truly intense, you would continue to burn off excess fat even after it’s over
  • Your diet also has to be in tandem with your weight loss regime. For example, if you indulge in belly dancing and continue your alcohol binge at the same time, weight loss will clearly not happen. Your diet should support your belly dancing activity, for distinguishable results

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Can belly dancing aid weight loss, truly? Yes, it can be considered a form of an exercise as the body parts move in different directions and warm-up sessions prior to the practice could help you more with your weight loss plan. It is not strenuous, but enjoyable. If you think of the practice as a fun activity, then you might lose more weight than you imagined. As everything you do is somehow related to your brain activity. If your brain adapts it as a fun regime, then it only boosts your plans. So, indulge in a session to see for yourself.

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