Brushing Teeth Regularly is all you Need for Dental Health

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Nov 06, 2014

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Dental HygieneAccording to a claim made by a dental expert, the effects of gum disease have been overstated in order to sell mouthwash and expensive toothbrushes.

A senior lecturer at University College London’s dental public health unit, Paul Batchelor emphasized that gum disease or periodontitis is a part of ageing and bleeding while brushing teeth does not mean that teeth will come out.

He insists that brushing regularly with fluoride toothpaste is the best remedy for protecting tooth from decay, which is a more serious problem.

He has stated in the British Dental Journal that pricey pastes and polishes offered by dentists to treat gum disease will not help if people do not look after their teeth on a regular basis.

Mr Batchelor told the Times 'it's an overstated problem. If you don't brush your teeth you will tend to get some inflammation and bleeding, but that will not have the impact that has been suggested.

'To say it will end with all your teeth falling out if you don't do something about it, that's over-egging the pudding.

'You're creating a problem and then people will buy something.'

He says that only 10 percent of people really have a need of treatment for gum-related problems and dentists should be more concerned about smokers and people with a poor diet.

He adds that bleeding gums should not be ignored because they are indicator of poor brushing which can cause tooth decay.

However, Professor of Periodontology, Kings College London, Francis Hughes says that gum disease can be treated by dental professionals to avert the chances of long term tooth loss in more severe cases.

He says, 'we are beginning to have a much better understanding of the impacts of periodontitis.

'We learn that periodontitis is not a silent disease, but has significant impacts on patients' quality of life, not just in terms of tooth loss, but also in terms of function, comfort, aesthetics and self esteem.'

He added, 'it is clear that we as dental professionals can genuinely do something about the condition.

'Time and time again periodontal treatment has been shown to be highly effective in preventing long-term tooth loss and reversing many of the condition's other adverse effects.’

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