Breast Sagging Due To Breastfeeding? Know The Causes And Ways To Deal With It

Some women have saggy breasts and there can be numerous causes behind it. Here are a few ways to deal with it.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Sep 09, 2021 14:37 IST
Breast Sagging Due To Breastfeeding? Know The Causes And Ways To Deal With It

Mostly, breast sagging is a natural process of ageing, but it can be caused by many other factors as well. It is considered as completely normal in your 40's if you start to notice that the fullness in your breasts starts losing. If you are conscious about it then you can definitely adopt certain preventive measures which are discussed in detail later in the article. You can even check the severity of sagging yourself. If the nipples are above the breast fold, then you are good to go. Nipples below the breast crease line and nipples facing downwards are indications of severe breast sagging. Onlymyhealth editorial Dr. Seema Jain, Director, Obstetrics And Gynaecology, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, about the causes and ways to deal with saggy breasts.

Saggy breast causes

There are many factors which affect breast sagging in women. Advancing age, massive weight loss and lifestyle have a major impact. Size of breast tissues are altered during the lifecycle of a woman as she undergoes menopause, pregnancies and other hormonal changes in the body. Breasts are made up of fat and ligaments, thus they can start to sag. According to Dr. Seema, here are the main causes of saggy breasts:

1. Ageing


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Age is one of the most significant factors that affects your breast's sagging. With passing time, we loose elastin in our skin and as a result, our skin looses its elasticity and saggy skin. As there are no significant muscles in the breast, they are help uptight by Cooper's ligaments which elongate overtime and fat tissues start to deplete after menopause due to low levels of estrogen.

2. Large breast size

Bigger the breast size, the more the woman is prone to breast sagging. Big breasts are heavier and face more gravitational force which leads to elongation of the ligaments in breast which hold them firm. Women with overall higher BMI are more prone because they often tend to lose or gain weight rapidly.

3. Genetics

Just like all other features, we might also inherit the breast shapes from our parents. It is passed on by one generation to the other but your lifestyle plays a major role in deciding how your body is going to age.

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4. Pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy tend to expand the milk ducts during the later stages of pregnancy. More number of pregnancies and breastfeeding increases the chances of breast sagging. Breast feeding doesn't stretch the internal tissues but it can affect the firmness of skin. However, if you take proper care while breastfeeding, it might not have a significant impact.

5. Lose bra

A bad fitting bra can also be bad for your shape. Bra is meant to hold the breasts up and support ligaments. Loose bra will not be able to support the weight and your breasts will hang down which can destroy the connective tissues in your breast eventually.

6. Smoking


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Elastin is responsible to keep our brests firm. Smoking can speed up the process of sagging. Carcinogens present in the cigarettes react with tissues in our body and causes premature ageing. It can also affect our skin as it releases free radicals which speeds up the ageing process of skin.

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Ways to deal with saggy breasts

There are certain factors which cannot be reversed but there are various methods that can be adopted to delay the sagging. There are very few muscles in breasts, but certain exercises and lifestyle changes can help you deal with it. Here are some ways to deal with saggy breasts:

1. Well fitted bra

A well fitted bra cannot give your body a good shape immediately but it will help you in the long run. You should get your size checked once in every 6 months, so that you always choose the right size. Women who go for running or any sort of athletic activities should definitely invest in a good quality sports bra.


2. Healthy weight

It is very essential to maintain the right weight, loosing or gaining weight rapidly can cause rapid change in breast size. Breasts are mostly fat and tend to loose weight quickly, which can make the skin saggy and wrinkled.

3. Avoid smoking

Smoking is very harmful for our body. It has ill effects on our lungs as well as skin. We just discussed that how it triggers premature ageing and sagging in breasts. So if you want to keep those breasts firm, you might want to cut on smoking cigarettes.

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4. Pectoral muscle workout

Breast don't have much muscles but exercising the pectoral muscles in the body can help in maintaining good breast shape. Weight training your muscles can give you a better shape because not only it strengthens the muscles and ligaments, it also burns and redistribute fat more appropriately. It also helps in improving posture which might help in slowing down the process.

You can try using moisturizing creams and massage your breasts to lift them. Various implants and lifts can be used to surgically improve the breast shape. It can be difficult to accept the changes in your body but you must remember that every woman is beautiful, in every shape and size. You should definitely take care of yourself but should feel comfortable in your body. Taking care of your body gives you more confidence and promotes the feeling of self appreciation.

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