Blood, Pig Bladder to cure Hair Loss

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May 11, 2011

girl have hair loss problam There is finally a glimmer of hope for men who suffer from hair loss! Experts in the United Kingdom and United States of America have come up with an instant cure for baldness. This cure uses the blood of the patient and a powered extract that comes from pigs’ bladder.


This revolutionary 30 minute hair loss treatment uses the placenta rich plasma from the patient’s blood mixed with ACell which is in powered form and is extracted from pig bladders. This mixture is then injected into the patient. The mixture forms a barrier around the healthy hair cells and truncates further hair loss. It also duplicates the healthy hair growing stem cells, accelerates the regeneration of healthy hair and in the process prevents hair loss. When ACell along with the blood is injected into the scalp, apart from protecting the healthy hair tissue it also fools the body into thinking that the scalp cells are in pre-birth state. This helps in the growth process of hair. Many have also compared the ACell and platelet rich placenta to a flu shot, wherein after the shot it prevents further attacks of influenza. In the same manner this shot will prevent further hair loss.


ACell is a regenerative medicine that is used for purposes of healing and re-growth. It is produced by ACell Inc. which has been formed by a Harvard professor, Alan Spievack. The wonder medicine has found its way into hair regeneration because of the simple fact it has actually been successfully tested in the United States. This Pig Bladder cure for hair loss as revolutionized the feeling that baldness is not permanent and can be cured.  


This innovative mixture will be made available to 20 patients by Raghu Reddy at the Private Clinic, London.


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