Are You Sweating Too Much?

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Sep 27, 2011

Sweating Too MuchSweating is an important function of our body as it controls its temperature and water content. We may not feel it all the time, but the fact is that we are always sweating. It becomes noticeable in warm to hot weathers, during times of physical exertions, and even when we are under physical or psychological stress.

There are 2 to 4 million sweat glands in our bodies. These are concentrated around hands, face, forehead, underarms and feet. These sweat glands are porous out of which the sweat comes out, taking the internal body heat with it. The evaporation of the sweat cools our body down. This is the main function of sweat for the body.


Reasons behind Excessive Sweating

The phenomenon of excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis, of which there are two types – primary hiperhidrosis and secondary hiperhydrosis. The primary condition is brought about on its own while the secondary condition is the effect of a medication or underlying health problem. There are quite a few people who sweat four times more than normal. Many cases are not so intense and there are some which are too abnormal, i.e. the sweating is much above four times than normal.

The main thing of concern with this medical condition is that the body keeps on sweating even though it is not needed, i.e. sweating to cool the body down. Even though a person’s body is cool, he is calm and relaxed, he still sweats a lot. The cause of the excess sweating is not known yet but some doctors attribute it to problems in pathway of sweat glands to the brain. The glands in people suffering from hiperhidrosis tend to be very sensitive. This is often a genetic disorder and begins to show after puberty.

The main areas of the body where the excess sweat due to hiperhidrosis shows are beneath the arms, on the hands, feet, face or scalp. These are the more affected areas but the impact of too much sweat is experienced and noticeable all over the body. The sweat comes out symmetrically from both sides of the body. It can become very unsightly and those who have this condition should not try to avoid it or consider getting used to it.

Bear in mind that as soon as it starts to have an effect on you, it is a disease you should not leave untreated. Visit your doctor or dermatologist right away in case you are suffering from this condition.


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