Your Blood Group Can Predict The Risk of Stroke, Finds A Study

If you have blood group A, you are more likely to get an early stroke as compared to other blood groups.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 02, 2022Updated at: Sep 02, 2022
Your Blood Group Can Predict The Risk of Stroke, Finds A Study

One should know their blood group not just to receive a donation when required but also to know the potential risk of diseases. Most people do not know that their blood group plays a crucial role in assessing potential health risks they are susceptible to. Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine have found that certain blood group people are more prone to getting a stroke. Younger adults aged below 60 are at a greater risk of ischemic strokes. 

According to the study published in the journal Neurology, considering the rise in strokes in young people, it is important to understand the potential causes of stroke. The death rate in stroke patients is worrisome and survivors experience lifetime complications including disability. Since there is limited information and so, the team from UMSOM researched the link between strokes and genetics. 

The team performed a meta-analysis of different studies on ischemic stroke with a sample size of 6,17,000 people. They identified genetic variants through chromosome testing and found that there is a link between early onset of ischemic stroke and blood type.

Blood Group Can Predict The Risk of Stroke

People With Blood Group ‘A’ More At Risk of Early Stroke

Early stroke is stroke in younger people. Researchers have found that people with blood group A are at a greater risk of getting a stroke early in life. Besides, people with O blood group are at lesser risk. Blood type B is associated with both early and late strokes. One of the researchers Braxton D. Mitchell says, "Our meta-analysis looked at people's genetic profiles and found associations between blood type and risk of early-onset stroke. The association of blood type with later-onset stroke was much weaker than what we found with early stroke.”

Even though the risk was found to be more in blood group A, the exact cause of the same is still unknown. Researchers believe that this could be due to blood-clotting factors. Since blood group A is associated with higher blood clots, they are at a higher risk of strokes. However, there is more research needed on this to come to a conclusion.

Blood Group Predict Risk of Stroke

Researchers also emphasized that not all people with Blood group A are prone to strokes. The risk is 16% more than other blood groups and so, it is very modest. You should not panic and get medical tests done to find out unless you experience its warning symptoms. This research should be taken as a caution to stay alert.

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