Bionic Eye Helps Woman See Again

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Dec 28, 2012

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Bionic Eye Helps Woman See Again

World’s first bionic eye has helped a blind woman see in Melbourne, Australia. The first prototype of the eye was implanted on Dianne Ashworth, 54 at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. She is said to be elated with the little flash of lights noticeable in front of her eyes.


The eye was switched on at Bionics Institute located in East Melbourne and it was found that her eye had recovered completely from the surgery. Australian researchers used the bionic eye to a unit in their lab in order to control the information sent to Ashworth’s eye. This enabled them to study how the brain reacted to the stimuli of light.


In the implanted eye, electrodes are put in into the retina of vision-impaired patients. The electrodes process electrical impulses to nerve cells in the eye. This is the natural process of vision in normal people. Although the device has been able to restore only mild vision till now, enabling patients to view edges and major contrasts. But researchers hope to develop the bionic eye vision to a level that would help the patients move around without help, something not possible as yet.


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