Bid adieu to back pain with these tips

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Jan 05, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Chronic pain around the shoulder is one of the most common problems.
  • Upper back pain commonly stems from the tendency to slump in the spine and round the shoulders.
  • Common shoulder stretches can reduce the upper back pain.

One of the most common problems people complain about is chronic pain around the shoulder blades and in the upper back and neck. This kind of pain plagues those of us who work with our arms extended in front, whether we're typing on the computer, cooking, carrying children, lifting heavy objects, or washing dishes. Upper back pain commonly stems from the tendency to slump in the spine and round the shoulders. Common shoulder stretches reduce the upper back pain only marginally, and some can even make the problem worse. 


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Stretching and opening  

Bend your elbows and interlock your fingers behind you, separating the palms of your hands. Keeping the elbows bent, lift and square your shoulders; then draw your shoulders back, moving your elbows toward each other so that your upper arms are parallel. 


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Standing stretch 

Stand next to a wall with your feet parallel and comfortably separated. Place the fingers of one hand on the wall at shoulder height with your arm fully extended. Place your other hand on your hip. Cup your fingers so that only the fingertips touch the wall, and rotate your arm outward slightly so that your thumb (rather than your index finger) points upward. Keep your shoulder aligned with your hand and begin to lift and open your chest with your breath, rolling your collarbones back.  Now, twisting from the waist, turn just your upper body, extending through your arm to the fingerprints, as if the wall were moving away from you. 



Mudra for back

Right hand: The thumb, middle finger and little finger are joined; and the index and finger are extended. Left hand: Place your thumb joint on the nail of the index finger. Do four times a day for four minutes or, against acute complaints, until it has an effect. 


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Herbal remedies

Backaches can also be relieved by the use of herb musta, which is a muscle painkiller. Take ¼ to ½ teaspoon two or three times a day with warm water. The herbs tagara and valerian are muscle relaxants. Taking ½ teaspoon of either with some warm water will relax the muscles that may be causing back pain. 



Rub some oil 

Rubbing the painful area of the back with Mahanarayan oil is also effective for relieving the pain. Apply a paste made of ginger powder mixed with sufficient water to the affected area. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, wash it off, and then rub the back with some eucalyptus oil. 



Take a hot herbalized bath

Apply Mahanarayan oil on your back and take a hot bath in which put some ginger powder and baking soda (1/3  cup each). Soak in the tub for 10 to 15 mins. 


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