Best Food to Eat in the Morning for Effective Weight Loss

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Feb 23, 2018

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Quick Bites

  • Starting the day with healthy food help you to lose weight
  • At the very start, one must drink a lot of water right after waking up
  • Eggs are a healthy option for protein and aids in weight loss

Breakfast is supposed to be eaten like a king, and this is because kings like to feast. Feasting on breakfast can help you to lose weight, and needless to say, it also re-fuels your body after a night of sleep. Start early in the day if you want to lose weight. It is particularly important to have a good breakfast if you want to shed some kilos. It keeps you full throughout the day and at the same time; your energy levels do not drop. Bear in mind the purpose of eating these foods early in the morning.

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The following are some foods you should eat in the morning to help in losing weight:

Whole Grain Foods

Many whole grain breakfast foods are available that are high in fiber. It is important that you ensure that the whole grain packaged food you are consuming has high fiber content too. Fiber is the substance that allows you to feel full while keeping the calorie count down, and you do not feel like munching all through the day. Oatmeal, whole-wheat bread and many portions of cereal are foods rich in fiber and help you lose weight.


A number of flavours can be mixed with yogurt to make delicious and nutritious morning food. The Yogurt should be low in fat for it to be any good for your purpose. Moreover, the calcium content of yogurt can promote weight loss. Mix your yogurt with fruits or granola for different flavours.


You can have fruits at any time in the day but they are more effective as weight loss food when taken in the morning. Having simpler carbohydrates than other foods, fruits can be processed for energy much more easily in the body. This gives you the necessary fuel for working the whole day as well as working as appetite suppressant since one of the major constituents of fruit is water. You do not feel like having something to eat all the time during the day.

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The first thing you should do after getting up in the morning is to drink a glass of cool water. This would help to work as filler throughout the day and prevent the cravings for munching. Having water early in the morning also has other very good health benefits. Having 6 to 8 glasses of water daily would help a lot in weight loss. It should start by having it first in the morning.


When you think of breakfast, the first thing that comes to your mind is these little oval nutritious food. Eggs are a healthy source of protein and nutrients like vitamin D, and the best way to eat them is boiled so that you can avoid frying it in oil.

Almond butter

If you do not eat eggs and other dairy products then you could also opt for almond butter which is an excellent source of protein and is also full of monounsaturated fat. Plus to add to that this is a delicious spread that you can opt for with your whole grain bread. On the nutrition front, you can compare almond butter with peanut butter, and almond butter has slightly less saturated fat.

Breakfast is the essential meal of your day; this is because after a whole night of fasting you need food to refuel your body. If you do not eat breakfast you are depriving your body of important nutrients. Weight loss is a difficult thing to pull off, do the right things to get to your goal.

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