Homemade Anti-Ageing Serum: Get Rid Of Wrinkles, Dark Spots With Flaxseed And Vitamin E

Best Anti-Ageing Serum For Oily Acne-Prone Skin: Make your skin soft and beautiful with the goodness of Flaxseed And Vitamin E.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Feb 27, 2020 16:01 IST
Homemade Anti-Ageing Serum: Get Rid Of Wrinkles, Dark Spots With Flaxseed And Vitamin E

Wrinkles are the first sign that indicates that you are growing old. But it is not necessary to have wrinkles on your face only when you are in your middle age. Many times, skincare mistakes can cause wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots on your face (at a very young age). Many a time, wrinkles are common on the face due to sunlight and pollution. Apart from this, if the skin is not taken care of properly, then it loses its moisture, due to which you start to get premature ageing.

You can adopt a unique homemade serum to remove these dark spots and wrinkles. Moreover, it's speciality is that only natural things are used in it (it is safe and gives surprising results). This special serum is made from flaxseeds and vitamin E oil. Let's tell you the right way to use it on your face.

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Ingredients required to make the serum

  • Vitamin E Oil - 1 Capsule
  • Flax seeds - 3 tablespoons
  • Water - 2 cups

How to make the anti-ageing serum?


  • First, put three tablespoons of flaxseeds in two cups of water and put it on the gas.
  • Allow the gel to boil on low heat.
  • As the gel becomes soft and the water starts to become slightly sticky, keep it to cool down by turning off the heat.
  • Pour this flaxseed gel in a clean flimsy cloth, squeeze it well in a bowl by separating the gel.
  • By breaking 1 vitamin E capsule, add oil into 1 teaspoon of flaxseed gel.
  • Your anti-ageing serum is ready, by mixing them well. 
  • You can make more of this flaxseed gel. When kept in the refrigerator, it lasts for one-two weeks. But it is advised to consume within 3-4 days.

How to use the anti-ageing serum?

Take a small cotton swab (cotton ball) and apply it on the neck and face. Apply this gel at night for twenty minutes and then wash it. You can also leave this serum overnight, as it will help get rid of blemishes. Apply this anti-ageing serum on the skin to enhance your complexion and eliminate wrinkles.

vitamin e oil

Why vitamin E and flaxseed serum are beneficial?

  • Flax seeds remove the dead skin cells of the skin and help in creating new cells faster.
  • The use of Vitamin E removes the spots on your skin and makes the skin soft.
  • Vitamin E eliminates wrinkles.

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