Benefits of Relaxation during Pregnancy

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Nov 21, 2011

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Benefits of relaxation during pregnancy

If you are a perfectionist adamant on getting chores done on time even during pregnancy, you might be in for a surprise! Pregnancy comes about with preparations both physically and mentally. Therefore, if you want to prepare yourself for pregnancy and have a healthy and normal delivery, you must not condescend the importance of relaxation.

Relaxation during pregnancy brings about the following results:

  • Better ability to cope with stress.
  • With the release of tension in the muscles through relaxation, you can be relieved from aches and pain.
  • Blood pressure can be managed better by certain relaxation techniques.
  • Your baby is benefitted by you being relaxed as relaxation reduces the physical tension in your body, which has a direct relationship with that of your baby.
  • Effects of fatigue can be overcome by relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, which also improves the ability to beat stress.
  • Mental relaxation through visual imagery can help you overcome the problem of negative imagination, which has a counterproductive effect on your health. By focusing regularly on positive imagination, you get habituated to it and the positive health effect is reinforced.
  • Post delivery, if you are still stressed, the baby will be likely to assimilate the same and be restless. Therefore, try to relax as much as possible during pregnancy and try out some techniques such as Yoga or deep breathing.

Acquiring a relaxed state charges the body and this is of utmost importance during pregnancy. If you reach instances of deep relaxation, the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated, which is crucial for regulating the hormones that you need for a healthy pregnancy. Such hormones are transmitted to the baby through your placenta, thereby passing on the benefits with it.

Relaxation techniques are important during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Controlling and managing your breath is all that it takes to manage contractions at the time of delivery.


Benefits of relaxation techniques at the time of labour

  • Less pain and intensity of contractions.
  • You need energy during labour and relaxation conserves it.
  • Helps to make you rest between contractions.
  • You will be able to cope with labour better and allow it to progress easily.

Breathing awareness, visual imagery and various other stress relief techniques are very useful in helping women relax during pregnancy, and at the time of labour.


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