Make The Most Of This Lockdown With Healthy Dinner Table Discussions For Better Family Bonding

Why do we say that this lockdown can do wonders to your family bonding? Only having dinner together can make a difference

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Apr 24, 2020
Make The Most Of This Lockdown With Healthy Dinner Table Discussions For Better Family Bonding

Healthy social connections are essential for intrinsic happiness. We all know that. But is that the truth? Not exactly! The truth is that Healthy Social connections aren’t some formula that we can apply to make our lives happier. Our tendency to bond and collaborate are the essentials for the survival of the human. With our busy schedules, we often forget the need to sit and have a conversation with our family, thinking they will always be around. But, we do we need to have a conversation with our own family? But having healthy conversations over dinner is something, which helps in family building. Sitender Sehrawat, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach explain that there is a need for a bond for a happy life. The reason we need relations and people around us to stay happy is that:

  • We are caretaking species 
  • We care for our off spring’s and also others in need unlike any other species on earth
  • We are hypersensitive about our emotions and 
  • We are a reconciling species, meaning we forgive and we rebound.


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Family Bonding Is Essential 

Life Coach Sitender Sehrawat explains, “It’s no secret to anyone that the number of unhappy people, broken marriages, relationships, people seeing psychiatrists, and psychologists are up by a third. Families are becoming smaller, while nuclear families have their advantages but they are outnumbered by the disadvantages per se. What used to be until recent times a daily therapy for a relaxed mind, happiness & strong bond between family now seem like a forgotten tradition. The results are visible that we can learn from the west and some metropolitan cities in India too.”

But, what led to this change in traditions?

We Mistake Healthy Privacy With Self Isolation


Scientists around the world advocate personal space as well as privacy for one, and it’s essential too. But there must be a fine line between what healthy space is and when it becomes social isolation. We need people to speak with, share thoughts, and our emotions daily—especially teenagers and adolescents who are little idea of what’s right & wrong. Missing out a family discussion on the dinner table means we are not vigilant enough for our kids and loved ones. Lives are getting busier, and we have more time for “Performance Meetings” than:” Family Meetings.” We also need to find common ground to settle arguments. Forcing an opinion might introduce cracks that might be hard to fill. COVID-19 pandemic has given us a fortunate chance to consider our social relations seriously. 

More Of Screen Addiction And Less Of Family Presence 

Technology sure has changed our lives, but has it changed it too much? The psychologists have coined the term “Screen Addiction.” It has more damage than good, but not just to the eyes but to the mind too. Life Coach Sitender Sehrawat says, “Indians spend more than one-third of their waking hours staring at the mobile screen. What are we watching? It’s hard to say since there is too much content out there that craves for our time. But there are things that teenagers and even adults watch for which they can play their “Privacy” card. That’s more dangerous than we can imagine. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and if we are spending one-third of our time doing something, you never know what is it that your kids or family members are up to. It’s a bottomless trap. Creating a habit of “Table Talks” will not only instill values in the family but also makes the food taste better, creates a sense of companionship & love among the family. It’s almost equal to giving each a shot of Oxytocin.”

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Need For Coming Out Of The Virtual World


The evolution of technology has given rise to “Virtual” of everything. Virtual reality, virtual friends, and virtual meetings. While there are positive sides to all innovations, it doesn’t take the world to meet the adverse effects of it too. Social media has brought us together and communicate more often than not, but the darker side psychologist is seeing every day. Missing out on real-world experience is one of the more significant side effects of increasing time spent on social media. Life Coach Sitender Sehrawat concludes, “An increasing sense of comparison between you and the life of your social media stars living luxury life and other unrealistic expectations affects mental health adversely. Keeping a tab on your loved one is more important than ever without invading in their actual personal space. Sharing & taking care of each other’s emotional wellbeing will restore us to our original human traits. It’s more important than ever to talk, what a better place than a dinner table?”

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