Beer Goggles is a Myth

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Mar 05, 2013

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Beer Goggles is a MythAn upcoming book ‘Getting Your Head Around the Brain’ has debunked the myth of beer goggles. The phenomenon professed that a few drinks can make you see faces as more attractive than they are.

The book pulls together research to show how alcohol affects the brain, arguing that men and women do not see each other any differently after alcoholic drinks.


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The author, Dr. Amanda Ellison is also a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the Durham University, has blamed it on the loss of rationality for the increase in sexual attraction. She argues even after as little as half a pint of beer, alcohol begins to bond with receptors of the upper lobes which control decision-making.

The author claims that the part of the brain that makes us want to mate keeps functioning no matter how much we drink and can assess people how visually-appealing others are.



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