Alcohol Binging Linked with Risky Sex

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Feb 15, 2013

Alcohol Binging Linked with Risky Sex

The study at La Trobe University has linked people's sexual behaviour with alcohol binging. Published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health reports, the study blames binge and compulsive drinking for risky sex.

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Drinking pattern of secondary school students was assessed by a research panel. It was found significant numbers of students drank excessive amounts of alcohol, lost control of the ability to stop drinking and regretted having sex that night. One in five students reported to have had sex with three or more individuals in the past 12 months, the behaviour that made five percent of female students pregnant.


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Paul Agius, who led the research panel, said that the finding is concerning because having sex you regret may mean you didn't feel in control of the experience. These students were also more likely to have multiple sexual partners over a year.



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