Bedbugs cab Withstand Harsh Cold

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Dec 13, 2013

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bed bugs to withstand coldAccording to a new study bedbugs have found to be less susceptible to freezing temperatures than it was though previously.

But if you expose a bedbug infested clothing or other small items to icy conditions then you can still control the parasites. Much like other insects, bedbugs attempt to protect themselves against freezing by lowering the freezing point of their body fluids.

Killing the bedbugs in all the stages of their life requires a minimum of 48 hours at -4 degrees Fahrenheit or 80 hours at about 3 degrees Fahrenheit according to the study. This was published recently in the Journal Economic Entomology.

Researcher Joelle Olson along with colleagues found that these bedbug eggs can in fact survive the short term exposure to temperatures which are as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. It was recommended by the researchers that placing the bedbug infested items in plastic bags in the freezer for two to four days.

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