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Unique Baby Names Starting With Z with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
ZahidasultanaPious queen GirlMuslim
ZahaaRadiance, Brilliance GirlMuslim
ZahabGold GirlMuslim
ZagheeghatAbundance, Affluence, Multitude GirlMuslim
ZaamatPower, Authority, Command, Glory, Honour GirlMuslim
ZarmaCaptivating GirlMuslim
ZarkaElegant Bird (Crane) GirlMuslim
ZukhrufPure Gold GirlMuslim
ZulaikhaWife of the king of Egypt GirlMuslim
ZumurrudEmerald GirlMuslim
ZoreedOne who meets GirlMuslim
ZohalMoon of another planet GirlMuslim
Zinat-un-NisaOrnament of women GirlMuslim
ZinneerahName of a Sahabiyah RA GirlMuslim
ZeradaGold maker GirlMuslim
ZhalaiHail GirlMuslim
ZarnabPure Gold GirlMuslim
ZarqaBluish green (eyes) GirlMuslim
Zeb AraAdorning ornament GirlMuslim
ZareeshWealth GirlMuslim
ZareenFull of expression and smile GirlMuslim
Zar MastaZar - Gold, Masta - Excited GirlMuslim
ZabreenDominant, exalted, upright GirlMuslim
ZahabiaGolden, precious GirlMuslim
ZafirahVictorious, successful GirlMuslim
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