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Muslim Baby Names Starting With Y with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
YusairahName of a SahabiyyahGirlMuslim
YusriyyaEasy, Kind, smooth GirlMuslim
YousraReconciling GirlMuslim
YumnaGood fortune, success GirlMuslim
YasmineFlower GirlMuslim
YaserWealth GirlMuslim
YarahWarm GirlMuslim
YaqaazahWatchful, Providant GirlMuslim
YamnaFortunate GirlMuslim
YaminaHappy GirlMuslim
YamanaPious GirlMuslim
YamaamahIntention, Design GirlMuslim
YaaqootRuby, a precious stone, a garnet GirlMuslim
YaaniRipe, Scarlet GirlMuslim
YaquHyacinth, SapphireBoyMuslim
YushuGod SavesBoyMuslim
YanniGift of God, The Lord is GraciousBoyMuslim
YasharLives for EverBoyMuslim
YazdaanMerciful, KindBoyMuslim
YameenahRight And ProperBoyMuslim
YeganehUnique, SingleBoyMuslim
YaldaName of The Longest Night of The YearBoyMuslim
YassA Flower, JasmineBoyMuslim
YalmazSahabi NameBoyMuslim
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