Baby Development: Development of a baby at 3 months

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Apr 12, 2011

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Your baby at 3 months undergoes a lot of changes with regards to his physical and mental development. He achieves a lot of milestones in his development which are crucial for overall growth of personality later on in his life. 3 months old baby’s development is enough to make him develop some definite personality traits in his own right. The development of a baby at 3 months is variable based on his individual characteristics. There are certain milestones of baby development at three months which he should meet.

Development of baby at 3 months:  Physical Attributes

The average height for 3 months old baby is 22 to 24.5 inches. The average for weight is 9.75 to 14 pounds.


Development of baby at 3 months:  Strength and Motor Skills


3 months old baby development is enough to make him play around with toys and use both hands for it. You will notice some of the following:-

  • The baby is able to hold things like small toys for a while.
  • He throws his hands to reach out for objects he wants to hold.
  • Opening and closing of arms and bringing them together purposefully.
  • Your baby can lift his head when he is made to sleep on his stomach or “tummy time”.
  • The 3 month old uses his arms to push himself up or drag his body while lying.


Development of baby at 3 months:  Vision and Vocal Development


The baby’s vision at this age is developed enough to make him see up to 20 feet. You can be on the other side of the room and still the baby will feel your presence. The 3 months old infant is able to make vowel sounds and also realizes that by changing the shape of his mouth, he can change the sound that he makes.


3 months old baby’s development has started to grow certain personality traits in him and this allows you to enjoy your parenting experience. Make sure to click as many snaps of these special moments as possible.



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