These 3 exercises can help you gain weight at home

Weight gain exercises at home include squats, bodyweight exercises and strength training. These are easy and convenient ways to increase muscle mass without adding fatty flab to your body.

Bushra Kafeel
Weight ManagementWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Sep 13, 2017
These 3 exercises can help you gain weight at home

To gain weight, one needs to have a balanced diet and regularly exercise. With good diet you will gain healthy weight and exercise will not let excess fat accumulate in body.


Squatting is one of the easy ways to exercise for gaining weight. Squat targets the muscle core of the body. The exercise also stimulates your appetite, to make you consume more so as to meet the requirement for healthy weight gain.

If you are a beginner, make sure that you start with light weights and then slowly add on to them. Form has to be perfect for you to gain weight. Squats can be easily performed at home but if you are not familiar with the exercise then you must do it under the supervision of a trained professional.

Strength training

If you increase your calorie intake and strength train, you can gain weight. The idea is when you strain your muscles you are stimulating their growth. You can either work out with dumbbells or barbell at home. Also, you can combine good health supplements with your exercise regime to gain healthy weight but only after you consult an experienced nutritionist.

Bodyweight exercises

You don’t need help of exercise machines, fitness equipment and tools. You can use your own body to gain weight. An effective weight gaining exercise is bodyweight exercises wherein, the weight of the person's body is use as resistance to build muscles mass.

Some of the best bodyweight exercises for weight gain are push-ups, sit-ups, calf raises, back extension and pull-ups, four to six times a week. Perform five to six sets of each exercise with 12 to 20 repetitions.

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