Are you Sleep Texting?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Dec 22, 2011

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Are you sleep textingOur busy life and daily stress has given birth to new phenomenon named ‘sleep texting’. People who suffer with this rare condition send texts while asleep. They are completely unaware of the fact that they are text messaging to their family or friends. While most often the content of these texts are nonsense but some makes sense as well.

Dr David Cunnington, Sleep specialist from the Melbourne Sleep Disorder Centre said that people are doing so much work on text that even in night they feel that they are ‘on call’ even in the night. To stay away from ‘sleep texting’ he advises people to leave mobile phones outside the bedroom. ..

Another cause for ‘sleep texting’ is that people find it easy to get emails and notifications on their smart phone that it becomes difficult to separate their work from sleep.

The extent of this problem is yet to be studied but the information till date tells us that workaholics tend to send messages when they are sleeping and they have no recollection about it on the other day.

Besides, text messaging from mobiles, sleep emailing is also common. People compose and send emails without any recollection of doing the same.

According to CNN, American people don’t get enough time off the job. As a result they aren’t able to separate their work from home life. American companies often want their employees to be available by emails even you are strolling through historical sites or lounging on the beaches. If we go by the statics only 57 percent of U.S. employees use their holidays as full vacation.

According to Dr Cunnington, sleep texting is done by people who have too much work to do during waking life. Further studies are needed to find out the deeper truth and the connection between hectic work schedules and ‘sleep texting’. As of now the bottom line is that you must keep a work life balance or else can face larger impacts than just sending text messages.



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