Are you fulfilling your sleep debt

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Dec 29, 2010

It is believed that more can be accomplished if one spends less time sleeping, this is an absolute myth. Sleep can affect every aspect of our lives, including job performance.


Studies reveal that sleep deprivation impacts the level of alertness, the productivity and ability to socially interact with colleagues. Swapnalee, a BPO employee reveals that tired and sleep deprived youngsters are turning towards quick-fix performance enhancers as a remedy to their sleep deficiency:

Drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks (33 percent)

Smoking (20 percent) 

Taking a nap (17 percent) 

Going outside for fresh air (18 percent)


Only 13 percent of Indians working in call centres and also other demanding industries like advertising and event management where they have to compromise on sleep are actually making the commitment to sleep more in order to feel more awake and productive at work.


Follow these to sleep well:


Good mattress is must


A good mattress significantly impacts the quality of your sleep. " With my profession of event management which is very demanding , the very little time I get to catch up with some sleep should be in a comfortable bed, even if its only for an hour, I get refreshed if I get a good bed to sleep in," says Tarun Khanna. Further it is suggested that consumers should regularly evaluate their mattresses for sufficient comfort and support.

"A good mattress to sleep in is not only the best way to refresh yourself but conducive for health as well, as your back is where your spine is and it's your spine that makes you stand confident," says Aditi, health instructor, Gym.


Pay your sleep debt


Getting even 30 minutes less sleep than your body needs can lead to accumulated sleep debt, which has both short and long term consequences for health, mood and performance both on and off the job. "It is important to schedule 8 hours of sleep each night," Says Dr Digvijay Singh, AIIMS. It is very important to maintain a regular sleep and wake schedule, even on weekends.


Performance evaluation


Though your mattress may not show physical signs of wear, it loses comfort and support over the years. "It is important to evaluate your mattress every five to seven years to ensure it still provides optimal comfort and support," says fitness expert Wasim Raja. Research also shows that the age of mattress directly impacts the quality of sleep.


Bedroom business


The bedroom should be clutter free so that it is relaxing, comfortable and conducive to sleep and relaxation. Work , computer and television should be out of the bedroom.


Kick the caffeine habit


"Caffeine interferes with getting a restful night's sleep," says Dr Digvijay. It is not at all true that caffeine taken before sleep also helps you to a refreshed morning. For a good night sleep, it is a must to avoid tea, coffee and soft drinks close to bedtime.


Make the investment


It is said that one third of a lifetime is spent in bed. Make sure you squeeze in enough time for sleep and never hesitate to invest in the best quality and a comfortable bed.


Do not compromise with your sleep. It is up to you to ensure a great night's rest for a healthier, happier and more productive you.

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