Are You Depressed? These Activities Can Help You Come Out Of Depression

These activity which can alleviate the stress and can help the person is useful for overcoming depression.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Mar 21, 2021Updated at: Mar 21, 2021
Are You Depressed? These Activities Can Help You Come Out Of Depression

We talk of depression in such a general way that we avoid the seriousness of the disease. Some

people don’t even consider it as a disease and take it very lightly which is very wrong. Only the

ones who have suffered severe stages of depression is aware of the serious condition. Depression

is one of the major factors due to which people are not able to tackle problems. It is a severe

mood disorder and medical illness that can affect your health in a negative way.

How to Overcome Depression

It is not that easy as to speak about overcoming depression. There are several treatments and

procedures through which you can overcome your depression. But apart from that mild

depression can be countered by doing some recreational activities which may help your alleviate

depression. Expert Ms. Tanu Suleja, a Psychologist (M.A. Psychology) serving in Lucknow

talked about some recreational activities which can help you.

Activities for Overcoming Depression

These activities are based on general choices but may differ according to different people’s


Music- Listening to music does surely lift up our mood and so is with depression. If you think

you are depressed you should switch to your favourite music and listen for at least half an hour.

Some study reviews have found that music can improve depression symptoms. You will also feel

less lonely after listening to music, regardless of the state of mood.

Meditation- Meditation does not mean sitting in straight position for long hours. It can be as

quick as 20-30 minutes. A simple meditation can improve your mood and reduce stress. The

mindfulness in the meditation helps you deviate from your problem and focus on yourself more

often. This is also a preventive measure for reducing daily stress.

Perform Yoga- Like meditation, yoga also helps you to relieve stress and relax your body. This

is more of a physical process where the focus is more on your body than in the mind. People who

have problem in concentrating or meditation can try yoga. It reduces the symptoms of depression

and anxiety and improves sleep quality. It is excellent choice when you are alone.

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Have a Pet- Companionship is one of the best help to overcome depression. Pets are really a

great companion to you and keep you engaged in something or the else. It provides a purpose of

satisfaction for the people which relaxes them and relives their mood. It helps remove feeling of

loneliness and mental stress. Hence it can be a great option to have if you often feel lonely and


Swimming or Bathing- However both are not the same. Swimming is more of a physical

activity than bathing. But both of them can help reduce your depression to a great extent. Bathing

and swimming relaxes your body, gives freshness and improves your cognitive thinking. When

you are under tremendous stress, take a bath, it helps.

Gardening- For some people, mostly elders and adults find it a very refreshing activity to

overcome their stress. Depression is severe medical condition where the person needs to deviate

himself from the general routine. Gardening and spending some time in the greenery relaxes

your mind. Hence this can also be a good option.

Reading- Getting involved inside a mystery or reading ancient history could be good way to get

away with depression. Reading a book stimulates the energy cells and deviate your mind from

the current situation. This activity can become a remedy for many people. You can read

whatever you have interest in, it might not be entertaining or mysterious though, but a book can

help you come out of depression.


Games- Playing both indoor and outdoor games can help you with overcoming depression.

Games are a good way to exercise and deviate yourself from daily tensions and chores. It can

help you concentrate and relieve extra stress in not time. Even indoor games and computer

games are useful for the people who often get depressed or are under a lot of stress. Games are

natural stress busters.

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Art and Craft- This doesn’t just mean making paper cut-outs and making something. It can be

anything related to writing, sketching, painting, drawing, paper crafts, needlework etc. It is a

good recreational activity and can help alleviate your depression. When you focus on a detailed

work then automatically the problem due to which you were depressed vanishes.


Are There Other Ways To Overcome Depression?

Yes, there are several other ways to overcome depression. These are just few common activities

which are easy to do and are helpful. Depression can also be treated by therapies, talking to

someone, doing some extra chores, dancing, riding a bike, driving, travelling etc. Every activity

may not suit every person but most of the activities are preferred by people of different age

groups and have proved to be helpful.


Depression is severe disease which should be taken lightly. Mild depression can be treated and

improved by doing recreational activities which are mentioned above. There are other activities

also which can alleviate depression. Anything which you like doing may help overcoming

depression and stress.

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