Anxiety Attack Symptoms: When To Seek Help From An Expert

Anxiety attack is a serious condition that may need medical attention in some cases, know symptoms and when to seek medical help.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Feb 10, 2022 14:46 IST
Anxiety Attack Symptoms: When To Seek Help From An Expert

Anxiety is a very natural behaviour and most of the people have experienced this emotion once or more in their lifetime. There are multiple reasons for having anxiety which could be as small as fear of getting scolded from their parents as teenagers or losing someone precious or something valuable. Anxiety does not end here, some people can also get anxiety attacks which are more severe form of sudden anxiety that makes them confused and lost. Anxiety attacks occur comparatively less than that of panic attacks or other problems but it could cause serious health concerns.

What is an anxiety attack?

Anxiety attack refers to feeling of worry or fear because of some serious cause. We spoke to Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist from Healthcare Clinic, Lucknow. She told that anxiety attacks can occur because of specific events of situations which cause muscle tension and release hormones that make you feel in a particular way. 


When a person gets anxiety attack, then he might have increased heart beat, loss of breath and loss of hunger in some cases. It is different from panic attack though because anxiety is not caused because of a trigger situation. However people do confuse both situations because symptoms of anxiety attack are very similar to panic attack. 

Symptoms of Anxiety attack

There are various symptoms that can be symptoms of anxiety attack. However these symptoms are temporary and may vary from person to person. Some common symptoms can be-

  1. Sweating throughout the body- it happens because body releases certain hormones that causes sweat and releases stress
  2. Trembling in the feet as you are not able to ingest the situation
  3. Feeling weak or tired instantly, in this case you might feel very helpless and do not know what to do
  4. Feeling nervous, restless and tense, it is the most common symptom and characteristic of panic attack. You might feel very restless and move continuously in order to understand the situation
  5. Breathing heavily and rapidly is also a by product of anxiety
  6. Have a sense of impending danger or panic. In some cases you get anxiety attack because you feel something wrong is going to happen to you and you do not have solution for it.
  7. Difficulty in concentrating or thinking about the solution of situation
  8. Having increase heart rate, anxiety attack has this as its primary symptom.

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Characteristics of Anxiety attack

Anxiety attack can happen because of various conditions. There is no specific cause that is common for everyone. Anyone who has anxiety attack has different problems that could lead them to this situation. 

  • Coming to know that they have a disease that cannot be treated
  • Anxiety attack may or may not have a particular trigger, most common are trigger such as exam or things they fear from
  • It is less severe than a panic attack
  • Anxiety attack develops gradually over a few minutes as anxiety increases
  • It involves physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, or gastric issues.


When to seek help for anxiety attacks?

1. Psychologist recommends that anxiety attacks are mild, moderate and severe. If the person going through anxiety attack is having severe symptoms such as increased heart rate, gastric problems, depression and restlessness, then you should consult a doctor. It also depends on the frequency of the anxiety attacks. 

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2. Anxiety attacks can happen to anyone once in a while but if it happens constantly or very frequently, then that may be a cause of worry. Also it is important that you know the sensitivity of people going through it.

3. Having symptoms of mental health disorders could be adequate time to seek help from an expert. This is because in many cases of severe anxiety attacks, patients go into depression and get phobia of particular kinds. They start fearing some situations or events so much that it causes a mental health disorder. It could also affect their brain and result to obsessive compulsive disorder. If the person has symptoms of any of these disorder, then he need quick medical attention.

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