Anna Hazare ailing with Osteoarthritis

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Apr 29, 2011

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Anna HazareAnna Hazare will not address his UP rallies of India Against Corruption owing to knee pain. He suffers from osteoarthritis and the knee pain due to the disease intensified on tuesday night.

Hazare was hospitalised and administered an injection to relieve the pain on tuesday. The activist had also undergone a routine check up on monday before the pain occurred next day. Since osteoarthritis treatment involves lifestyle changes, the activist cannot be expected to resume in normal lifestyle soon after. This is why one week’s rest has been advised by his doctors.

Treatment of osteoarthritis involves pain management and maintaining the joint’s ability to function. Some over the counter medications used for osteoarthritis are acetaminophen (tylenol), ibuprofen and naproxen. All of these are not useful for people at high risk of developing ulcers and for the elderly. Other than medications, the pain of osteoarthritis can be managed with the use of heating pads and ice packs.

Anna Hazare had been undergoing osteoarthritis treatment at the Pune hospital for quite some time. He was expected to be all right for his U.P rallies and the meeting in New Delhi for the Lokpal drafting committee meeting on May 2.



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