Alternative Kidney Cancer Treatment

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Apr 12, 2012

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Kidney cancer treatment may not be possible entirely by virtue of alternative therapies or treatments though they can help one cope with the signs and symptoms associated with the cancer. Alternative kidney cancer treatments are tailored to help a patient deal with the different problems during and after treatment such as stress, pain, emotional instability etc. Some of the complementary or alternative kidney cancer treatments include:


Art Therapy

Art therapy is the type of therapy that is used to help one manage emotional and physical problems by indulging in creative activities. By indulging in such activities, a cancer patient learns to come to terms with emotional conflicts, experiences an increase in self-awareness and becomes more outspoken. Art therapy is safe as long as it is done under the supervision of an experienced therapist.


Music Therapy

As the name suggests, music therapy uses music to enhance one’s quality of life and promote the healing process. Music therapy also helps encourage social interaction, emotional expression and relieve symptoms. Music therapy if done under the guidance of inexperienced people can be ineffective and lead to increased discomfort and stress.



Much helpful as exercise is to one’s body, it helps a great deal in making the healing process smooth and quick in cancer patients as well. The exercises that a person with kidney cancer must do, however, should be under the guidance of a physician. Some of the many benefits of exercise for cancer include body weight management, decreased fatigue and nausea, increased lean muscle mass, improved sense of control, improved self-esteem, improved quality of life etc.



Yoga may not be the stand-alone treatment for kidney cancer, but it has several benefits that include improved quality of life, anxiety relief, reduction of cortisol levels and stress, better immune system response. One must make sure that he/she goes through specific yoga asanas to combat the side-effects of cancer or cancer treatment.


Relaxation Exercises

Some of the most commonly used relaxation exercises during cancer include deep-breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, imagery and meditation. These exercises help cut down on anxiety, pain management etc. Your doctor will be able to tell you the kind of relaxation exercise to adhere to to combat the side-effects of the disease.


Movement/Dance Therapy

Movement therapy involves therapeutic use of movements that help improve the physical as well as mental well-being of a person. The therapy focuses of connecting the body and the mind to promote healing and a healthy life. People with arthritis must, however, talk with their doctor before going for dance therapy.


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