All-in-one Spectacle to Offer Clear Sight

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Oct 03, 2012

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All in One spectacle to Offer Clear Sight

Imagine you could twist and turn a dial like the focus ring of a camera on your spectacles until you see the world crystal clear. Researchers from a British company say it’s possible with their recently developed self-adjustable spectacles that can be focused by the wearer himself by turning the dial located on the frame. The spectacles are called Eyejusters and use the technology of Slidelens by virtue of which it works by turning one lens over the other when the dial is twisted.


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Owen Reading, Co-founder of Eyejusters and head of business development said that the spectacles are specifically for people in the developing countries, who fail to get a pair of glasses as prescribed. The British company has sold the glasses to NGOs as well as charities in Uganda, Cameron, Sudan, India and Morocco. Reading said that while there are many glasses prescribed to people for different tasks, the Eyejusters are just one pair of glasses that do all the functions.


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