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Aug 10, 2011

Baby smilingNames have always been given immense importance. Indians are known for their baby naming ceremonies where a name is chosen for the newborn baby in the presence of family and friends. Some people also take pride in naming their newborns after their ancestors. A name is what distinguishes one person from another and hence it is given an utmost importance by the parents of the newborn.


We know how difficult it is for parents-to-be to find that perfect name for their newborn bundle of joy! It is not just something that your baby will be known as. It will be part of her/his personality and character for the rest of their lives. And we know that you are under pressure for finding that perfect, unique name which will help your baby stand out in the crowd and also invite praise from all.


We say fret not! Because, to ease your dilemma, we have come up with the treasure trove on Baby Names! We present to you, our baby name centre where you can search for names based on your special preferences.


Listed alphabetically, every name’s meaning, significance and origin has been made available for your perusal. You can also look for names with similar meanings and special mythological names if those are the attributes that you are looking for, in a baby name.


Search Specifically for Baby boy names and Baby girl names of your choice from our list of baby names.

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