After Amazing The World By Writing, Monika More Has Taken One More Step Ahead

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May 24, 2014

Monika More, 16, who had had a fatal train accident four months ago to which she had lost both her arms seems to be regaining semblance of a normal life again. She had worn her myoelectrically controlled arm prostheses on the 13th of May after she had arrived from Germany. The breakthrough came on Tuesday when Monika wrote her name on a piece of paper after much effort.

Monika More


Monika's life came to a stand still four months ago on the 11th of January when she lost both her arms in Ghatkopar station while trying to board the train. Even though the experts say that it will need several hours of painful practive to finally start eating with her own hands, the ability to write is a sort of encouragement and inspiration. The teenager seems to have shown an improvement in her muscle strength as well as arm movement after the fateful accident.


Monika mother said that her teen daughter experienced immense pain when she started to use her prosthetic arms as they felt really heavy. She has, however, now become used to them so much that she could hold a pen for at least 10 minutes and writer her name in capitals.Monika is a Kurla resident and a regular visitor at the Chembur Offices of Otto Bock, a firm that manufactured prosthetic arms. The components of the prosthetic arm were broght from Germany. The process of fitting the socket was done recently.


The myoelectic arms read the signals of the muscles, amplify them and send the signals to the arms. The prosthetic arms run on electrically charged batteries and must be recharged once in every 48 hours. Because it is not waterproof, Monika will be given another pair of prosthetic arms which she can use while  bathing or when performing tasks that do not involve the movement of the wrists or hands.


The gloves that match the Monika's skin tone are being prepared and these will be used to cover the prostheses, thus giving it a more natural look. The prosthetic arms will need be maintained once every six months and this will cost the More family a sum of Rs 30,000 per year. The prosthetic arms can bear up to 8 kg of weight and is said to be one of the most expensive sets available in the entire country.


Doctors looking after Monika are positive that she will be able to use her prosthetic hands to perform more activities. On Friday, Monika achieved another little milestone—she typed a few words on a laptop using her prosthetic arms. She had also shown improvements in her muscle strength and usage of the prosthetic arms by typing on the laptop. She is expected to improve with practive and perseverence.

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