Acupressure Points to Avoid during Pregnancy

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Aug 17, 2011

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Acupressure naturally helps women to deal with the annoying health conditions during pregnancy. It stimulates and activates body's energies to fight against illness and restore harmony. However, pinpoint pressuring must be avoided as it can cause harm to baby and even provoke contractions before due date. It is important to know about the acupressure points that must be avoided during pregnancy.


Acupressure Points on Ankles


Pressure points near ankle must be avoided during pregnancy. Medial malleolus (technically termed as Sanyinjiao or Sp6) is the prohibited ankle spot. It is located at width of three fingers above the ankle bone. Many a time people confuse this pressure point with Zhubin (K9) i.e. located just above the medial malleolus. K9 point is absolutely safe to use during pregnancy, in fact it is helpful in bringing ease to anxiety, high blood pressure and in restoring body’s energy.


According to the American Pregnancy Association, if the prohibited point of ankle is manipulated it can lead to contraction of pelvic muscle and uterus. These contractions before the due date can even lead to pre-term birth.


Acupressure Points on Lower Trunk


Pressure points on lower abdomen, sacrum and lower back must be avoided during pregnancy. By avoiding the pressure points on lower trunk one can prevent injury to foetus. 

Experts are of view that deep massage in any of the lower trunk area could affect the uterus. So it is needless to go deep into tissues of these areas.


Acupressure Point on Hands


Hegu, a fleshy spot located on dorsum of hand must not be touched during the acupressure session of a pregnant woman. According to Diane Joswick, an acupuncturist- if this acupressure point is massaged or manipulated then it can lead to contractions in pregnant women. Hegu is also known as union valley (or LI4) and is located between the thumb and forefinger.


Acupressure Point on Wrist


Another point that must be avoided during acupressure session of a pregnant woman is located on the wrist.  According to the American Pregnancy Association, manipulation of the points on wrist can be dangerous in early stages of pregnancy as it can cause uterine contractions.

Expected mothers must ensure that their therapist is having fair amount of knowledge and experience in pregnancy massages.


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