Acne treatments that work fast

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Jan 29, 2013

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People all over the world complain of acne problems which have been persistent. Here is a handy checklist of acne treatments that work fast on your skin:

  • Know your skin type. Often skin types are categorised into normal, dry and combination. You can even visit a dermatologist to know your skin in depth.
  • Have at least three different coloured fruits every day. Fruits will purify the skin from within and you will see the glow come back and all blemishes will vanish.
  • Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day to flush the toxins out of the body.
  • Do not scrub your face too often. This causes irritation, redness and dry patches. Use cetaphil as a face wash for best results. This helps in balancing the oil production in the facial glands.
  • Avoid taking antibiotics for treating acne. Many over-the-counter medicines are available and prescribed by doctors to stop the sebaceous glands from producing oil. This however, will not help you in the long run. Our body becomes immune to a certain medicine if used for a long time. Apart from that, antibiotics that help in suppressing acute acne initially might also cause side effects such as nausea and tastelessness. Acne might recur in the later stages. The trick is to heal and detoxify from within for a long lasting acne-free life.
  • Use peel off orange masks or Fuller’s earth every day.
  • Wash your face with a pinch of baking powder or drinking soda three days a week and see the acne disappear!
  • Do not squeeze the zits out of the pores. This will infect the acne further and leave scars behind.
  • Expose the affected areas to the early morning sun. The morning sun is rich in Vitamin D which is good for the skin.
  • Apply white toothpaste on the acne before going to bed. Toothpastes dry active acne pores and helps the acne to dissolve overnight.
  • Avoid food containing carbohydrates and starch such as breads, condiments, rice and other fried foods for quick results.
  • Cleansing, toning and moisturising should be a vital part of your routine before retiring for the day. Pollution and dirt clog the pores in the face leading to blackheads and acne. Remember that acne does not happen overnight.



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